I’m a daydreaming, quirky, yet down to earth human with a curious mind!

A big believer in utopia (c’mon let me daydream!)…

A digital and also hands on artisan with a positive ecological drive, a curious researcher and self-motivator, a lover of communicating through pictures and a dedicated art and content maker.

I love promoting others who need a nudge or a new audience to find.

Paper Bou is my art, illustration and design portfolio, it’s also a platform featuring artists and writers on my ‘be inspired’ page and also in the annual Paper Bou.co - art collective magazine. This is a place of inspiration, encouragement, sharing, empowerment, positivity, confidence and authenticity.

I am a practicing visual artist of around 10 years and a graphic design student at Griffith University.

My artwork has been featured in exhibitions in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, New York and Toowoomba. I have appeared in The Hopper Magazine (USA), The Brisbane Collective street press (Brisbane), Limestone: Art Prose Poetry (UK) and Paper Cut Magazine (New York) as well as being an online featured artist at Long Island Arts (New York) and Create Culture (Brooklyn). See my CV here for more information.

I’m at the tail end of receiving my Diploma in Graphic Design and start the Bachelor in 2020. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the design industry and am open to freelance work if you’re looking for a designer - my previous clients include The Whistle Dixie, Your Inner Artist, Peter Woods the Piano Man and Phosphene.