Chic by Chantel Schott

Chic by Chantel Schott

Be Featured

If you are an emerging artist/designer/illustrator and would like to be featured on Paper Bou all you need to do is send an email to with 'Be Featured' in the subject header with 2-3 images of your work and a link to your online portfolio.

All emails are read and features considered. If you are successful a follow up email will be sent with questions to complete and your feature will be created.

If you have an event you would like posted to our Events page, please send an email to with 'Events' in the subject header with 1 image representing the event, exhibition dates, venue, opening hours of venue, opening date and time, title of event, names of the artist/s and a paragraph about the event. If you do not provide all of the details required, unfortunately we will not be able to post your event. An email will be sent to you once the post has gone live.

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