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Activate Your Motive

Activate Your Motive

Creatives are constantly honing their crafts and have an inexplicable urge to always be drawing, painting, designing, writing, performing and experimenting. So what happens if that motivation or inspiration goes on a hiatus? Here are six strategies you can incorporate into your day that will help activate your motive again!

1. Mood Boards

Mood Boards are a type of collage/arrangement of images and text based around a specific concept, theme, style or goal. You can create these digitally or by hand and if making by hand you can incorporate different textures and other materials. I find mood boards to be a great way to envision what it is you're striving for; it is an uplifting and positive process.

2. Lists

I love writing lists, it's a great way to break up your big goals into manageable bite-sized tasks and you can see everything on one page. Fabulous for organising an upcoming event, marketing campaign or to keep your creativity goals on track.

3. Connect

Connecting with like-minded people sparks positive engagement, motivation, innovation and gives you a chance to see what others are up to in their creative pursuits. You could do this in person at an opening event or by attending meet ups; you could also go online and connect through forums or blogs.

4. Play

Let yourself explore the notion of play. You can do this through experimenting with different materials and designs, even finger painting! Give yourself permission to simply muck around, it's sure to awaken the young at heart, playful side in you. Have fun!

5. Learn

Attending workshops, artists' talks and motivational talks will not only open your mind to new ventures but might also give you that next rush of ideas you were looking for.

6. Look

Visit your local gallery, hunt out great architecture, walk near water, go to the park, view Pinterest and Instagram let your surroundings and the creations of others inspire you to appreciate with intent.

Nicole Hohn, Creative Coach from Nicole Hohn Creative also believes that you don't have to wait for inspiration to strike,  but instead suggests a number of steps you can take that will encourage ideas, these include mind mapping, getting in touch with your happy place, working out your boundaries and asking yourself questions.

We will be featuring Nicole Hohn in the coming weeks here at Paper Bou, but in the mean time if you're curious to know more and would like to connect, you can find Nicole at her Instagram page or on Facebook.

Keep your motivation active and remember to have fun, please share/comment below any other methods you use to stay motivated, happy and inspired within your creative practice.

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