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Following Her Creative Heart

Following Her Creative Heart

Visual Artist hailing from Springbrook (Gold Coast Hinterland) Milly Davies, creates tranquil, dream-like illustrations and paintings of the world around her and she is just as magical and captivating as the work she makes.

Milly took some time out to let us pick her brain:

What is your creative philosophy in five words? ~ Don't give up on myself.

What projects are you currently working on? ~ I have just finished three commissions, illustrations for a children's self help book, cover art for a screenplay cover and a sign for a new cafe of a doe and deer on cutout craft wood. I am also exploring intuitive painting with acrylic.

Do you have any collaborative intentions for the future? ~ I would love to collaborate with Matt Adnate on a gargantuan mural about displaced youth in Brisbane CBD, Nefer Kane on an original doll sculpture for global distribution and work towards a collaboration for a site specific sculpture on the grounds of the Tweed Regional Gallery with a focus on women in art, using acrylic skins as the medium.

What makes a super weekend for you? ~ An ideal weekend includes being able to attend art markets, art exhibitions and food truck meets with my children and grandchildren, it makes the hard slog of homeschooling worth it!

What is your favourite subject matter? ~ The human condition, portrayed in portraits and figures.

What does success mean to you? ~ Success is like happiness, it is something one can reflect upon but can't necessarily identify in the actual moment.

Where can people connect with you? ~ I am on Instagram and Facebook.

Where do you find inspiration and ideas? ~ Usually when I am driving (rural living means many miles behind the wheel) or in the black of night (when a single stirring risks waking sleeping children).

Any advice for those wanting to following their creative hearts? ~ Just do it!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? ~ Co-exhibiting with my youngest child (himself a prolific illustrator at just nine years old) and continue to grow and be open to great opportunities.

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