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Gaining Skills for the Side Hustle

Gaining Skills for the Side Hustle

Seb Smith is a twenty-something creative who lives at the Gold Coast, is studying graphic design at the Australian Institute of Creative Design and is continually cultivating his design and drawing artistry, which could be described as neo traditional with sharp and edgy imagery; not to forget his attentive nature towards intricate details.

Learn a little about Seb in our briefly stated Q & A:

Explain your work ~ My work comes straight from my mind to paper, I don't pre-plan the work, basically it comes from the heart.

Where do you find your inspiration from? ~ My father, he is an Art Director. I've been around art all of my life. I am also inspired by tattooists and observing my surroundings.

What makes you smile? ~ Seeing other people happy and watching people become inspired. Joy brings joy!

What do you want to achieve by studying graphic design? ~ To take my art that one step further, to get it out to the world. I'd also like to find work in the industry or create a start-up.

Do you have a favourite subject matter? ~ I love to draw fonts and type; words, but I also love flowers, portraits and anything calligraphy-like too.

Who would you love to collaborate with in the future? ~ Flaks! His style is dope and he's been inspiring me for over a year now. It would be a dream to work with him.

How can people find your work and connect with you? ~ I have an Instagram page and I'm also on Facebook.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking of studying graphic design? ~ Take that first step and do it, then listen and learn as much as you can!

Seb Smith
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Her Inner Artist

Her Inner Artist

Following Her Creative Heart

Following Her Creative Heart