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Her Inner Artist

Her Inner Artist

Ambitious creative entrepreneurial arts teacher Amber Manteufel is ticking all of the boxes on her list; determined and driven to make a successful career out of what she loves to do, Amber is not only inspirational but also a joy to be around!

Having collaborated with Amber in the past, I know how great she is to work with, brainstorm ideas with and develop concepts and exhibition strategies. She is an authentic breath of fresh air who designs beautiful products and art based work and she spends her time sharing her skills and secrets through teaching them to a range of age groups in her classes that are run from her home-based business, Your Inner Artist.

Amber took some time out from her busy schedule to share her story:

How would you explain what you do? ~ My artwork is about bridging my love of ceramics, printmaking and the importance of human connection generally through artworks that invite being held.

Where do you get your inspiration from? ~ Many places, but mostly beauty inspires me; the natural environment, I collect random things when walking around outside and although they are rarely seen (directly) in what I produce there is certainly a link there.

Do you have any exciting projects you are currently working on? ~ Always! Experimenting with 'new' artistic processes in my own work of merging print and clay (I'm very much about the process). Some ideas will be applied to the domestic wares on the website and others are for exhibition artworks. There's 'business' projects too I'm mulling over - creating new opportunities for my awesome students.

What is your favourite subject matter? ~ People and nature, but it's rarely representational.

Do you have a creative key moment or achievement to date? ~ When I realised I wanted to teach art, I set about getting straight into university. I feel like that realisation led me to meeting some brilliant artists, mentors and opened many doors that I wouldn't have considered possible before.

What is the best link for people to find out more? ~ Your Inner Artist website.

What brings the most joy to your day? ~ The creative students I see - both the kids and the adults. I love seeing their ideas come to life and that 'spark' moment! Also, when I'm in sync with ideas and they work, there's nothing like opening a kiln door to realise that it actually worked! Especially when I'm on the cusp of something new, I feel like a kid again!

What would you like to achieve in the next five years? ~ Growing my business, Your Inner Artist. I'd love to meet more families and artistic people and encourage them to bring their artworks to life and trust their instincts. I feel like individual creativity isn't being encouraged enough, especially in young people and I really want to provide that space and opportunity.

Do you have a dream collaboration goal? ~ I'm open to whatever comes up! I'm always keeping an eye out for different opportunities that may fit.

Can you share some advice for anyone thinking of following a career in their art practice? ~ Follow your gut, be authentically you and find some people that will encourage you and challenge you to do your best work. Oh and study! It exposes you to many different opportunities, ways of thinking and like-minded people.

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