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Giver of Empowerment

Giver of Empowerment

Inspirational visionary and leader, Nicole Hohn dreams big and provides 100% empowerment to women who want to reconnect with their creativity identity. She goes by the title of Creative and Intuitive Coach and creates fresh motivational strategies for women to use in business or in their daily lives.

Nicole shares with us her insight and motivation behind living the dream:

How would you describe yourself in five words? ~ Creator, openhearted, self-expressionist, fun-seeker, inspirer.

What is a Creative and Intuitive Coach and explain what happens during a first appointment? ~ A Creative Coach is someone who guides you to embrace and use your creativity. For me I love to help women find ways where they can use their gifts and talents (remember creativity isn't just about the art) so they can use their 'superpower' to their best advantage. This can be either personally or in business. During the first coaching session, it's very much about finding out what those gifts and talents are, if they are still being used on a regular basis, what my client's current goal is and developing individual, personalised creative ways to get there.

How did you get into creative and intuitive coaching? ~ I got into creative coaching as I knew I could give more of my creative experience, I wanted to help people who wanted to move forward creatively. I also knew in my current job, I could only take my big picture vision for creativity so far. I didn't want those limits. I also wanted to be the best version of myself, which with the demands of teaching, I found challenging.

Where do you get your motivation and inspiration from? ~ My motivation and inspiration come from both internal and external factors. My personal growth has become a huge part of who I am. I've been consciously working on myself for about 14 years now. My other motivator and inspiration comes from seeing what other empowered women are doing and the impact and influence they are having on the world.

Any big projects your are currently working on? ~ The projects I'm working on at the moment are mainly around developing my business. This has been a huge project with working full time, studying a 12-month course with The Entrepreneur Edge and developing a business in conjunction with my studies. More specifically I'm developing coaching programs that use creativity as a way forward and my website is next on the 'to do list' ... stay tuned.

Where do you see yourself in five years? ~ In five years I will be working in my business full time, travelling to share knowledge about creativity and collaborating with empowered women to make real change and impact in the world, and having a bunch of fun along the way!

What makes you happy? ~ The things that bring the most joy is having an 'a-ha' moment about my conflict that is going on inside me, time with my family, good food, stimulating conversation and a good series on Netflix (I am currently watching the first season of The Outlander! OMG!).

What does success mean to you? ~ Success for me is whenever I feel fulfilled.

How can people get in touch with you? ~ Facebook is the best place to find me.

Thoughtful advice for people who want to follow their creative pursuits but not sure where to start? ~ Take a look back at your childhood and see what really got you excited. What did you love to do as a child? This is a key clue to what your creativity looks like as an adult and this can really open up a place of joy.

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