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Cultivating Her Creativity

Cultivating Her Creativity

Maryika Welter has always had a natural calling to be involved in the arts; her earliest memory being only three years old. She has spent her life creating, playing and experimenting with different mediums and styles that communicate her authentic heartfelt expression. From exhibitor to curator to arts facilitator - Maryika has a flair that stands out and touches the souls of everyone she meets.

Meet Mariyka:

How long have you been a creative and how would you describe your art style? ~ I have been creating images and “things” most of my life in one form or another, be it painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, sewing, sculpture or music. (I remember my first encounter with green homemade plasticine when I was around three and its smell). My most recent works use acrylic and mixed media on canvas in a semi abstract style. However I always return to life drawing for a strong foundation in understanding what I see from the outside.

Where are you based and how do you get involved with the community? ~ My home base is in Toowoomba and has been for some 24 years. Community is about connecting and that is very important. I have been involved with Arts Council Toowoomba for a number of years and recently stepped down as President/Membership Officer in 2017, but am still a member. Voluntary work is part of my contribution to community through St Vincent’s Hospital where I curate the art works and participate in and organising exhibitions for others. I find being an artist in residence is always a good way to get involved with others in the community too.

What inspires you? ~ Inspiration comes mostly from playing with no attachment to outcome, that spontaneous flux of the unknown and being free from any fear or expectation. The joy of exploring like a child engrossed in the moment.  I love colour, shape, texture and line that excite the sensors. 

Do you have any big goals for 2018? ~ No 1. Declutter my studio and get ready for the next burst of inspiration! No 2. Keep journaling and concept development for long term goals and exhibitions that haven’t yet been confirmed. No 3. To facilitate more workshops on Mindfulness, Cultivating Creativity and/or Painting is a Feeling.

What does success mean to you? ~ For me it's satisfaction through creating and getting people to let go in workshops.

Where can people connect with you and follow your journey? ~ My website or, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Shoot me an email at

What makes you happy? ~ Creating in my studio, playing... Mostly, being happy is an inside job and it is constantly in motion. I love facilitating a workshop and watching participant faces change from fear and apprehension to joy and laughter.

What advice can you give to others who want to surround their lives with creativity and kick-start that side hustle they are dreaming of? ~ Curiousity is your best friend, being part crazy is normal. Explore what area of leverage can support your income. Be it prints, poetry, photography or music and ask the question, What if…?

Do you have a memorable moment from 2017 that has altered who you are forever? ~ I have three. Travelling to Uluru and experiencing the culture. Being the curator for Arts Council Toowoomba biannual Exhibition, Symbolic Self. I think the one that has left its biggest impact though is my volunteering time spent at Woodford building the Woodford Folk Festival, attending the 6-day festival and then the pack up. Four full weeks of intense stimulus visually, mentally, physically and emotionally. This gives me goose bumps and puts water in my eyes. Such a privilege to have participated in such a great event.

Do you have a favourite quote you constantly go back to? ~ My most favourite saying is, “Go with Grace and Gratitude” (I made this one). Or … “They said that I could become anything I wanted, so I became me”. Not sure where that comes from but it’s not my original words.

Art Crusader (AKA Hayley Groves George)

Art Crusader (AKA Hayley Groves George)

Dedication, Dreams and Self-Belief

Dedication, Dreams and Self-Belief