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Art as Therapy

Art as Therapy

Neville Baker, who goes by Ned, lives in Caboolture and has been painting since 2012 to combat his PTSD from the Vietnam War service dating back to 1969. Ned has reached out to other artists for advice and tutorial recommendations and has continued to self teach. He likes to focus on landscape and seascape paintings and has used the process of making art his therapy.

Meet Ned:

When did you start painting and how would you explain your art practice? ~ I have only been painting since 2012 and I started because of PTSD from Vietnam. I am self taught through watching videos and practising every day, however my grandchild now keeps me on my toes.

What are your favourite subjects to paint and why? ~ I started off panting just landscapes and then seascapes and now I also paint some animals. It gives me so much enjoyment and stretches my imagination, as I rarely paint from photos, because I feel it restricts me. I like to paint from memory, my dreams and imagination.

What are your immediate goals with sharing and promoting your work? ~ My main goal is to sell my work.

Where can people find you and your work online? ~ Most of my paintings are on Facebook under the name of Ned Baker,

What does success mean to you? ~ Success is painting and receiving positive feedback. I also find that being around my children and grandchildren makes me happy and this in itself is success.

What has influenced your arts practice or have you been inspired by anyone or anything in particular? ~ I have been influenced by the Old Masters works when they came to Australia as at that time I was working at the Australian National Gallery Canberra and would walk around the galleries soaking it in. But there are two people that I admirer because of their help and encouragement. The first is Len Hend an Australian landscape artist who virtually gave me videos at a very small price and a lot of help. The second is Stephen Mann, another landscape artist well known in Sydney for his work, he has given me solid advice and praise towards my practice.

What are your other interests and do they ever find their way into your work? ~ My family are my biggest interest. Yes in some ways they do find their way into my paintings, I get my daughter to look at every painting I do, she is my sounding board and my wife and other family members have to put up with me learning how to draw portraits of them.

Where are you based and are you involved in your community as an artist? ~ I live in Caboolture with family and I am slowly getting a collection of works together that I may exhibit in the future in the community.

How do you approach and develop a series of paintings? ~ That is my next big challenge to commit to a series and find the time to work it into my busy schedule.

What do you hope to have achieved in your arts practice by this time next year? ~ This time next year I plan on entering competitions and hopefully building my brand as an artist and I am very much looking forward to featuring my work in the Paper arts collective magazine early 2019.

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