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Take 5 with Chantel Schott

Take 5 with Chantel Schott

This week’s feature and last feature for the year, is about me, the person behind Paper Bou, Chantel Schott. Take 5 and delve into my world; I have been making art for over 10 years and am a graphic design student. I love art and promoting other people’s work, sharing stories and learning!

Take 5 with Chantel Schott:

Name and Art Style ~ Chantel Schott. I’d have to say my style is dominated by the automatic drawing technique by using filigree like lines with ink, and then completed with conscious thought by adding in elements of paper cutting, collage, paint and other mixed media. It borders as semi-abstract or semi-respresentational depending on how you look at it.

Hometown ~ Toowoomba QLD

Current residence ~ outskirts of Brisbane QLD

Website ~

Instagram ~ @paper_bou OR @chantelschott

What inspires you? ~ Nature, books on nature, scrolling through Instagram and seeing what other artists are making, playing with different materials, going for walks and just dream wandering in my mind, researching arty things.

Favourite medium/tool/program? ~ Archival ink pens and paper; Adobe Illustrator; paper cutting; automatic drawing technique - I love to combine different elements.

Last book you read? ~ Yes Man by Danny Wallace, currently in the middle of #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. I tend to lean towards books that promote positivity and goal reaching.

What does success mean to you? ~ Success is about authenticity which is then about self-awareness and self-discovery; being honest and transparent, not being scared of the unknown and working towards what makes me happy. Success is also about being kind and being around the ones I love and love me back, the ones I celebrate and celebrate me back. Success is about giving it a go - so I feel successful, because I’m being true to myself. Success is change and working towards my dreams! Of course I would also feel successful if I had a sold out show at an exhibition.


First artwork you sold and when? ~ 2008, Toowoomba to a lady at work, she had me commission her an artwork for her daughter’s birthday present, I made $300 and totally stressed out making it; to this day I have no idea if she actually liked it or not… and tend to not make commissions as it takes away the beauty and randomness of making art.

Netflix or Stan? ~ Both!

MAC or PC? ~ I am a MAC convert.

Extrovert or Introvert? ~ Introvert with a hint of extrovert.

Dogs or Cats? ~ Cats (but I do love Dogs too!).

Radio or Spotify? ~ Spotify.

One self-care tip? ~ Soak your feet in a magnesium and lavender bath for about 15 minutes before bed, it’s awesome!

Do you collect anything? ~ Snow globes, I have friends buy them for me when they go overseas - if you saw my collection, you’d think I’ve travelled the world! I also collect records - mainly music I cherish from my childhood.

Best quote you've heard recently? ~ “Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.” (not sure by who).


Last thing that made you laugh out loud? ~ I played Battleship for the first time yesterday with my partner, lots of laughing out loud!! :)

What was the last big risk you took that created opportunities you didn't expect? ~ Currently in the transition of taking a big risk, by quitting my '“safe” day job to work casually while I study graphic design - opportunities are just around the corner!

How do you define your journey so far? ~ Great! Interesting! Getting my work out there has taught me how to handle public comment and reward. I have met so many awesome artists who have influenced my state of mind and how to push for what I believe in. I am an optimistic dreamer, with hope in my heart. I have also experienced self-doubt with artistic ventures like anyone does - but find that art will always be a part of my journey.

What's next? ~ Study is the next big thing! However I also have the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, followed by a group exhibition at the St Vincent’s hospital at Kangaroo Point. I also look forward to exhibiting at the Downlands College Art Exhibition and Rotary Art Spectacular in 2019. I will also be using Paper Bou as a platform to reach audiences that adore art and design.

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