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Take 5 with Genevieve Villaflor

Take 5 with Genevieve Villaflor

Melbourne based abstract artist, Genevieve Villaflor, paints from her heart and believes that art heals all wounds. She is interested in dedicating her time to helping young people through art therapy techniques; and will continue to enter art competitions and exhibitions that enable her expression.

Take 5 with Genevieve Villaflor:

Name and Art Style ~ Genevieve Villaflor. Abstract art with inspiration from impressionism.

Hometown ~ Melbourne.

Current residence ~ Western Suburbs, Melbourne.

Website ~

Instagram ~ @gvillaflor_art

What inspires you? ~ Going out into nature, appreciating natural organic beauty. Exploring the depths of emotion/human experiences and expressing that through painting. An artist that inspires me is Jackson Pollock in terms of processes used within painting.

Favourite medium/tool/program? ~ Oil paint on canvas or wood surfaces. I also experiment with alcohol inks and hopefully want to explore resin art (flowing mediums!).

Last book you read? ~ The power of now - Eckhart Tolle.

What does success mean to you? ~ To succeed is to find peace within what you are doing, truly enjoying the moment or act of doing, rather than finding 'happiness' purely through an outcome.

Personally, to succeed doesn't necessarily mean to achieve something 'amazing' but to discover the success that is always found within the smallest and simplest things.

It is to enjoy the process without any attachments to outcomes and through that, 'conventional' success may arise or it may not, either way it does not matter a whole lot... because you have found PEACE where you are already.

First artwork you sold and when? ~ I remember I was a visual art student at RMIT, we were in the midst of our graduation exhibition when I was approached by a woman who was interested in one of my works. She then asked to see the whole series in which she bought all six of them. (I was so shocked!).


Netflix or Stan? ~ I prefer Netflix but Stan has some underrated shows and movies too!

MAC or PC? ~ Mac!!

Extrovert or Introvert? ~ I am an introvert at heart but can appear to be the 'loudest' person in the room! I think the difference is in how we energise ourselves - which for me is through solitude.

Dogs or Cats? ~ I am allergic to both!! But I love my dog - Pogi and (late) Jackii.

Radio or Spotify? ~ Spotify!! Unless its RnB Fridays then thatโ€™s okay too ๐Ÿ˜Š hehe.

One self-care tip? ~ Take time to slow down and be 'present' in whatever you are doing - whether it be folding the clothes, taking a shower or walking the dog. Focus on the 'now'.

Do you collect anything? ~ I used to collect the weirdest thing when was younger, whenever I saw a rock shaped as a love heart I would keep it in a special box I had. I would say now, I am in love with plants - so yes! I am a plant collector.

Best quote you've heard recently? ~ "You see, I don't mind what happens" - Krishnamurti (when asked about his secret about well-being and peace).

Last thing that made you laugh out loud? ~ When I was telling my friend about an artist I liked "Jon Bellion" but instead I wrote "Jon Balloon" whilst not realising till later (silly things make me laugh!!).

What was the last big risk you took that created opportunities you didn't expect? ~ I had entered in the Cambridge Studio Gallery - 'Life Abstracted' without any idea that I would be chosen to exhibit! I was then able to have more self belief in entering more competitions and exhibitions.

How do you define your journey so far? ~ Painting and art has always been something I treasure - in terms of my personal enjoyment. I love the process and how it makes me feel so alive and in tune with everything, whether it be my emotions or personal experiences, I can express it in a way that is confronting and allows people to have their own interpretations.

I have a strong passion for helping others, especially children in their younger years. I have decided that I would like to incorporate both aspects into exploring 'Art Therapy'.

What's next? ~ I am currently completing my double degree in early childhood/primary education, in which I will then enter my postgraduate studies in Art therapy! I will continue on in painting as a means for personal enjoyment and release, whilst entering works that spark curiosity for me and others, into exhibitions and competitions here and there.

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