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Take 5 with Mario Loprete

Take 5 with Mario Loprete

Italian artist, Mario Loprete’s focal point is on showcasing the world of hip hop through his research and contemplation in the form of concrete canvas.

Take 5 with Mario Loprete:

Name and Art Style ~ Mario Loprete, artist, painter, sculptor and a very curious man.

Hometown ~ Catanzaro (Italy).

Current residence ~ Catanzaro.

Website ~ (currently under construction).

Instagram ~ @marioloprete

What inspires you? ~ My work focuses on research and documentation of the world of hip hop. This philosophy of life now is no longer relegated to just USA boundaries, but rather it can be found at any latitude.

Favourite medium/tool/program? ~ Cinematic tools.

Last book you read? ~ De profundis … Oscar Wilde.

What does success mean to you? ~ Success for me is international recognition of my work. When people see reinforced concrete walls and I imagine them painted with my subjects ... that will be for me the biggest prize for my daily sacrifices.

First artwork you sold and when? ~ A landscape… one of my neighbors wanted an exclusive wedding present.

b-boy oil on canvas 60 x 90 cm - Copia.jpg

Netflix or Stan? ~ Netflix.

MAC or PC? ~ Mac.

Extrovert or Introvert? ~ Extrovert.

Dogs or Cats? ~ In my life there is Jack, a puppy Jack Russell … my little son.

Radio or Spotify? ~ Radio… I love the unpredictability of the musical lineup and the warm voice of the conductors that keep me company in the studio.

One self-care tip? ~ To love life.

Do you collect anything? ~ I’m an art collector. When is possible I swap artworks with other artists. In my collection there are 252 works, some of a certain importance.

Best quote you've heard recently? ~ From one of my professors in the Belle Arti Academy, “Respect your work as Michelangelo respected his. Only in this way will you be able to demand that everyone must respect it”.

Last thing that made you laugh out loud? ~ With my son Francesco and Jack, I really enjoy myself. We grow together in joy.

What was the last big risk you took that created opportunities you didn't expect? ~ Calabria, the region where I live, I invested a lot of time and money in bringing my study abroad. I took apartments with adjoining studios around Europe, stayed in new cities and brought my art to new collectors and gallery owners... many economic risks but so far have been paid abundantly with sales and I must say that the Netherlands and the US are nations that are giving me more satisfaction.

How do you define your journey so far? ~ Difficult, complicated, hard and lonely.

What's next? ~ Difficult, complicated, hard… but with my family.

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