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Living Her Loving

Living Her Loving

Ash McFarlane is working her way towards doing what she loves full-time. She has taken traditional art forms and impulsively stepped outside the box to bring us visually exciting, distinctive and colour explosive works set to grab everyone's attention. She is currently represented by the Aspire Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane and will be exhibiting a new body of work in the coming months.

Introducing Ash:

You're described as being a new media artist, can you tell us what that means and what your artwork consists of? ~ I started out originally doing documentary photography, which is still a love of mine, however I wanted to push myself further with photography, stand out, and create imagery different from the main stream.

The art I create now is comprised of up to 100 layers of photographic images, combined with digital painting. When I was originally researching what type of artist to call myself, I found that 'digital art' comes under an overarching umbrella of 'new media' as it originated in the 1970s. So in the first instance I like the title of calling myself a 'new media imagery artist' as I didn't particularly like the title 'digital artist', as everyone goes by that these days and again felt my work was a little different and wanted it to stand out.

How long have you been a practising artist and how did you gain gallery representation? ~ I feel like I've been doing this for as long as I remember. I started taking photographs from about 10 years of age. I studied at the Film Academy in New York City and had a few exhibitions while I was there, came home and continued on. I've been entering art exhibitions and competitions since 2013. I was noticed by an art gallery through exhibiting and it just went from there. 

Where do you gather your motivation and inspiration from? ~ I create art because I love it, it's the first thing I think about every day, it's my hobby, my love, my passion first. However, inspiration comes in many forms and I can get it from anything; colour, paintings, vino, coffee, art galleries, old music and movies, a particular smell, jazz music, books and the rain.

What does success mean to you? ~ Being able to do this as a full-time career. Waking up every day and doing something that I love makes me happy. That's success to me.

What are three things that make you instantly happy? ~ Rainy oceans, Raff (my puppy) and jazz music.

Do you have any big goals for 2018? ~ Yes! A solo exhibition, I am creating a new body of work, group exhibitions, meeting new artists and exploring different techniques and style - pushing boundaries.

Are you currently working on any creative projects? ~ I have a solo coming up in July, hence I have a lot of work to do! I have new imagery to create and as mentioned above I really want to push myself.

Where can people find you online? ~ My website is currently down and this is something I need to get finalised I know, however I can be found on Instagram @ash.mcfarlane.

What advice can you give to emerging creatives seeking to get their work seen? ~ Just keep going, practise, practise and practise, push yourself, good things will start to happen and people will notice your work. Believe in yourself first and foremost, back yourself and never give up. What else is there in life, but to create and look forward to building something and doing something you love. It's everything at the end of the day. 

Who is Ash McFarlane? ~ Hard question to answer, I feel I will continue to learn and discover new things about myself through life experiences. But I can say I am passionate, a hard worker, laid back, wine lover and trying to figure things out.

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