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Kym Breeze Crea8ive

Kym Breeze Crea8ive

Prolific, award-winning artist Kym Breeze hails from the Toowoomba region; she inspires us with her bright colours and textures. Running workshops from her home to keep the passion of learning and the concept of "playing" alive, Kym shares her experiences and true joys with others to awaken their artist within!

Be inspired by Kym's story:

How long have you been practising art and when did you experience that a-ha moment and just knew that art had to be a part of your life? ~ I have been practising art for 18 years now, going through periods of prolific painting and exhibiting to moments of experimenting and playing with new techniques and styles which I didn’t make public. My a-ha moment came during my marriage separation, I created “Flight of No Regret” a large Acrylic mixed media piece that remains one of my favourites today. I knew then I would always paint in some form or another.

How would you describe your method and approach to your style of art? ~ Mmm method, I am drawn by colours, movement and songs. I am usually very spontaneous when I create my art. I will sit quietly in my art space, listen to the birds and feel emotions as colours, I will then use those colours to create my fine art or abstract, other times I will spend time planning then underpainting and get into the flow and lay the colours over. There is always music of some genre playing to keep me in the zone.

Who has inspired and influenced your creative evolution? ~ I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful local women artists over the years, each one inspired me during those times. I know it may sound a little cliché my main influences were my two sons, in times of transition, when the work wasn’t flowing and when I got down and out about my art, it was their believe in me and honest critiquing in the work I was doing that kept me pushing through to learn more and never give up.

What is your current motivation and how do you use art to communicate with your community? ~  I am re-establishing my identity as a professional artist within the community, my motivation is to make art that others will enjoy and to share my knowledge with others. I have been volunteering at a Youth Hub, painting walls with kids at risk, encouraging them to create and talk. It is a wonderful way to invest in our future.

What does success mean to you? ~ It means a few things, getting a painting out of my head and onto the canvas with all the emotions and colour I picture. Selling my art and making money from it represents success, we as artists' need to align ourselves to the fact we are also business people. Being happy and content in life, surrounded by family and good friends and playing with colour, engaging our community in arts with workshops.

Where can people follow you or get in touch online? ~ I have a website under construction at the moment. for now though Facebook is the best place (Kym Breeze Crea8ive).

Do you have any projects you are currently working towards? ~ I have recently started workshops using acrylic pouring and these have all sold out in days. I am working on other subject matters for paint and sip along classes as requested by my students. I am also part of a team working on developing an online platform to assist women at risk of financial homelessness.

Who is your favourite artist (living or dead) and why? ~ Gosh there are so many, I do love Georgia O’Keeffe, her ability to turn a bleached animal skull into a beautiful painting, her independent spirit and her use of colour and her flower paintings, stunning, suggestive and real. My old art Tutor the late John Perham, a true artist, bush poet and gentleman.

What are a handful of things that make you happy and have made you the person you are today? ~ Delicious fresh pots of paint, a clean fresh canvas and the endless possibilities they present. Family in particular my sons and the men they have grown into, it has been an interesting journey for sure that has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love for another human. I love people, helping them, encouraging them to be all they can be, it makes me happy to give. True girl pals, the kind you can just be yourself with and the beach.

Best piece of advice you've ever received? ~ Best advice was from my Art Tutor the late John Perham, “No matter who you learn from, never let them change the way you use colour and always sign your name big and always be true to you.”

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