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A Creative Force

A Creative Force

Derek Repchuk is an upcoming emerging artist making his mark on the world with Photography and sharing his zest for life through his images. Currently living abroad in Australia, Derek is finishing his final Trimester at university in Brisbane before heading to Airlie Beach to kick-start his photography career.

Be energised by Derek's enthusiasm: 

You're a lifestyle portraiture and landscape artist from Canada, how did you fall in love with the photography medium and what have been some of your favourite locations? ~ I fell in love with Photography in high school. My teacher was the one who encouraged me to pursue post secondary after I graduated. After completing a Photographic Technology Diploma back home at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) I wasn’t done yet. Thus the big move to study abroad in Australia at Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University. My favourite place in the world is El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. The chilled laid back island lifestyle is always a pleasure to shoot both on land and underwater. 

You're completing your last Trimester at QCA before graduation, what's next? ~  Upon my graduation in July I will return home for a few months, then follow my heart, love and passion for underwater photography and set up a home base in Airlie Beach for the next couple of years. Balancing life back and forth between the Philippines and Australia. 

What are your three favourite things you'll miss from the Australian culture? ~  I will miss the sand and the stars, the silly accents and most of all the lifestyle of experiencing this tropical oasis.

Before you head home, you're exhibiting your most recent photography series at The Met (31 May) in conjunction with 'Connect' hosted by RAW Brisbane, can you tell us more about your series and how you developed the body of work? ~  Within this body of work, I found inspiration from my High School Night Photography students I taught back home at Ross Sheppard High School, along with all my past and present educators who have helped guide and encourage me to follow my dreams and aspirations to become a Photographic educator one day.

This series Eternal Elements, is an extension of an ongoing practice using creative and experimental ultraviolet photographic techniques that my mentor and I perfected over the the last few years. Drawing inspiration from creative photographers such as Benjamin Von Wong, and Hid Saib, Eternal Elements is an exploration of artistic visions that embody the four classical elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This body of work seeks to question what it is to be human, while becoming enriched by an astrological presence. 

What are your big goals this year? ~  My goals are to start my new life here in Australia with my partner and build a future for us together as a team. Laugh, learn and love while making a couple mistakes along the way and learning from every single one of them. 

What does success mean to you? ~  Success to me means having the ability to do what I love while be surrounded by who I love and be happy throughout the process. 

Five things you can't live without? ~ Family, friends, photography, travel and teriyaki chicken.

Where can people find you and your work online? ~ Repchuk Photographics.

Best piece of advice you've ever received? ~ My Grandma told me last week to follow my heart, do what makes me happy. At the end of the day everyone has to grow up and fend for themselves. You have to be happy with you before anyone else. 

What keeps you inspired? ~ I’m inspired by the younger generation, especially some of my students I have taught back home, getting to learn and adapt with their creativity forces me to be even more creative! What’s so rewarding to me is seeing the students grow and learn overtime and then give back to the younger inspiring photography students. 

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