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Heritage and Subconscious Explored Through Art

Heritage and Subconscious Explored Through Art

Brisbane emerging sculptor and painter Delta Venus shares her artistic voice through a narrative that echoes the past and explores her authentic self.

Be enlightened by Delta's motives:

How long have you been creating work and can you explain how your style has originated? ~ I started painting and sculpting late 2017. Creating has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. For a very long time, I turned to poetry and music as an outlet. I used to dream of words and sounds and wake up and write them down. Lately though, I've been dreaming of shapes and colours and textures so it naturally made sense for me to turn to visual arts as an outlet. I create my work as a way to translate my deepest inner-emotions into something I can see physically in front of me. All of my pieces are an embodiment of myself. 

What are your immediate goals with your current collection and will you be exhibiting your body of work? ~ My aim at the beginning of the year was to start publicly sharing my work and aim for a solo exhibition by mid year. I will be exhibiting my first solo exhibition at Innerspace Contemporary Arts on Ann Street in Fortitude Valley on the weekend of May 18 and 19. 

Would you say there have been any direct influences that go into your style? ~ I'm heavily influenced by ancient mythology, dreams, folklore, and nature. After my Egyptian Grandmother passed last year I realised I really knew nothing about that part of my culture and heritage. I've made it my mission since then to learn as much as I can about these origins and I have found the whole process very intriguing. As such, a lot of this new knowledge has been influencing my work. 

Who are your top five artists? ~ Barbara HepworthLouise Bourgeois, Constantin BrancusiFausto Melotti and Helen Frankenthaler.

What does success mean to you? ~ The days when I'm so deeply entrenched in creating, a song I'm listening to can stop and several hours will pass before I notice I've been working in silence. To me that is the definition of success. To be able to work doing something that allows me to be completely present in that moment.

What's the main message behind your work? ~ I'm still figuring out how to answer this question for myself. I'm exploring two different elements of myself through my work - my heritage and my subconscious. My sculptures, in particular, are allowing me to explore my dream state and other worlds I visit when my eyes are shut.  

Where can people find you online? ~ People can find me online via Instagram (@deltavenus) or via my website (

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year? ~ By the end of the year I will have completed my first solo exhibition, listed my work via an international seller in Scandinavia and launched my own website. I am aiming to gain gallery representation and release my own book by December as well. 

How do you come up with your creations? ~ The process usually isn't something I plan or sketch ahead. I close my eyes, visualise a movement, open my eyes and let my hands flow with these shapes directly onto the canvas. More often than now lately as I slide into a dream I start to see vivid colours and images. I've then been waking up and sketching the concepts from my dreams to later create the works. It's a very subconscious process for me - I'm merely a vessel these ideas are moving through into actuality.  

Five things that make you deliriously happy? ~ So difficult to cut this down to five - I find happiness in so many things. But lets go with...
1. Watching light dance on my walls after it rains
2. The smell of chamomile tea which reminds me of my mother when I was a child
3. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a stone sculpture
4. The silence of being completely immersed in water
5. The faces of my loved ones when they smile

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Art Spectator Turned Artist

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