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Art Regenerating Memories

Art Regenerating Memories

Kathy Sullivan has surrounded herself with art all of her life. She has a background in industrial design and injects her design knowledge and skills into her fine art practice. Originally a high school teacher, Kathy now focuses her attention and time on running artist workshops from her studio and immersing herself in her passions.

She is exhibiting with Anne Collins, Aaron Micallef, Catherine Carolan, Corrine Russell, Jennifer Bell, Ruby Purple and Rose Van Oyen at the Aspire Gallery this month with the official opening this Saturday 23 June from 4:30PM. The exhibition is titled Regeneration.

Get to know Kathy:

Can you explain your art practice and what draws you to this style of work? ~ Due to my background in industrial design I enjoy working in three dimensions using a variety of materials.  Recently I have combined my modelling skills with fine art painting to create the ‘Green Street’ series, which are shadow boxes containing cherished memories of how things were in the East End of London when I was a child.

You're latest exhibition 'Regeneration' is a group show with 7 other artists, can you tell me more about the theme and how you came about exhibiting with this group of people? ~ Eight Aspirants, emerging artists identified by the Aspire Gallery, selected the theme Regeneration.

The art I have created regenerates my memories, the look of the shops and the tastes and smells I knew. I want my work to trigger the same responses from the viewer; their senses and therefore the emotions they experienced.

How important is it for yourself to be surrounded by art and like-minded individuals? ~ Art is what gets me up in the morning.  It’s fun, challenging, allows me to express myself and is a great social conduit.

You run a creative business called 'Gap Artworks' can you tell us more about this and also what immediate goals are connected to this initiative? ~ I have run Gap Artworks an art school for 11 years from my studio in Brisbane at The Gap. I teach both adults and children. My aim is to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to express their true selves

I have recently retired from high school teaching to focus on my business and expand it as well as to have more time to create my own art.

What does success mean to you? ~ Success means that people know my name and recognise my work. Success is also when my students light up as they progress with their art.

What are your top  favourite things to do besides making art? ~ I am a boring person when I am not doing my art. I love walking my dogs, chopping vegetables and tending the garden.

Where are you based and how do you immerse yourself in the creative community? ~ I am based at The Gap. I love doing work for the community and I have recently painted a Traffic Signal Box (TSB) next to The Gap State School and an Energex Pad Station at Red Hill.

I also teach at The Lilly-Lee Gallery, Sherwood and exhibit regularly at Aspire Gallery and The Royal Queensland Art Gallery.

I have my own studio, which was built above my house five years ago.

Where can people follow you online? ~ People can find me and the work of my students on Facebook and Instagram under Gap Artworks and Sullivan.

What are your creative goals for the next 12 months? ~ My goal for the next twelve months Is to be creative every day.

What triggers inspiration for you? ~ The things I see in every day life that evoke a strong emotional response. It could be the irony of a situation, something astounding, beautiful or quirky. I often wake up in the morning with a clear idea or vision.

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