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Simplicity of Life and Light

Simplicity of Life and Light

Fausto Vergara's focus is photography, but finds an interest in combining and merging a range of mediums, depending on his creative intention; taking simplicity of life and proactively expressing his authentic artistic style.

Make the delighted acquaintance of Fausto:

What are your creative mediums and how do you plan out a body of work? ~ This is actually a really tough question for me at the moment. I was raised as a musical person since a very young age, so sound has always been a language I resonate with. Later on in my path through the arts I found a strong interest in the visual/graphical aspects of artistic expression….So to sum it up, I would say a combination of as many mediums as I can depending on the concept/outcome needed.

Where are you based and how do you visually communicate with your community? ~ At the moment most of my visual works are yet to be documented in the digital form, but if you’d like to see through my eyes my instagram page is probably a good place to start.

Have you immersed yourself in any projects lately that have personally lit you up? ~ Funny enough about two months ago I was making a present for my niece’s very first birthday. I was experimenting with a photographic technique from the 1800's called Anthotypes. Basically you extract pigment from vegetable matter and coat a piece of material (paper, cloth, etc) then you expose it to the sunlight for about a day and voila, you’ve made a solar print. It was very rewarding to see the simplicity of life and light working together. It also made me really happy that I was able to source all of the materials I needed from my garden and kitchen.

What does success mean to you? ~ I think success is simply achieving small goals that make you happy. So, to me, success is making sure that I smile everyday. Sure, being able to get paid for smiling sounds great, but at the end of the day if I’m able to express myself through art and share that with people I would call that success.

Why is art an important factor in your life? ~ I think that art is an important factor because art is life in a way. If we think away from the big idea of curated/commercial art everything we do that expresses emotion is art in itself. So dressing myself up for a gallery night, spicing up my lunch or singing in the shower are all forms of art. In simple maths if living equals art and life is important, then living as art is important.

Are there any key influences in your artistic style? ~ I would say human behaviour has always informed my practice, or at least sparked creative and out of the square thoughts. There is something about our cultures that traverses across mediums and can be expressed in a multitude of art languages.

What gets you really excited? ~ A good conversation.

Where can people find you and your work online? ~ You can find me over at soundcloud as Faustovergara or @faustovergara on Instagram.

What are you immediate goals for the year? ~ Become an active member of a creative hub, finally document and digitise all my works and set up a more permanent studio space at home.

What do you think are the key ingredients to keep your passion/s alive? ~ Commitment, enjoyment and a never ending curiosity.

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