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Motivated by Place and Space

Motivated by Place and Space

Short and sweet, prolific artist David Usher tells us a little bit about his arts practice and reminds artists' to always make work from the heart. 

Using oil paint and ceramics, his work responds to his relationship with the Australian landscape; both beautiful and abstracted. David is represented by Alexandra Lawson Gallery in Toowoomba.

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How long have you been a practicing artist and how has your work evolved over time? ~ I have been a practicing artist since 1988. My work continues to feature landscapes.

Do you have a favourite technique or style you are drawn to? ~ Abstracted landscapes and working with oils, acrylic and clay.

What inspires and motivates a new body of work? ~ New works are motivated by visiting new landscapes, places and road trips.

What are your current projects and collaborations you're working towards? ~  I have just completed a third collaboration with Ian McCallum entitled ‘Hot Box Healing', it was a show that celebrated service station fast-food and the associated culture of road trips.

How do you find collaborations are formed and is there a particular formula you tend to follow? ~  Collaborations are fantastic if you find the right people. They provide the opportunity to explore new ideas and see things through someone else’s eyes. It pushes you to take risks with your practice and extend the parameters of your thinking.

What are your goals for the next 12 months? ~ Have another solo show and I am currently making new works for a number of groups shows that I will be exhibiting in.

Where can people find you and your work online? ~ People can find me through the Alexandra Lawson Gallery site.

What is your work about and is there a well thought out message considered before you make your art? ~ My work explores the Australian landscape as a metaphor for melancholia and making sense of an ever-changing world.

How do you immerse yourself in your community's culture? ~ I share a studio space at First Coat Studios with six other artists and this creates a great sense of community and a space to engage with the public on a weekly basis.

Can you share some advice to anyone out there who is wanting to emerge into the arts scene? ~ Paint what you love. This is the only sustainable path and allows you to build a personal visual language. Artists are story-tellers and everyone has the opportunity to tell their own story through their practice, this is what makes an artist’s work unique and interesting. 

Reflections from Nature

Reflections from Nature

Brisbane Life Drawing at a Glance

Brisbane Life Drawing at a Glance