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Quality Art Supplies

Quality Art Supplies

Sara Manser has worked for Oxlades Art Supplies for nine years, she is a wealth of knowledge and can provide expert advice to all artists from beginners to professional. She manages the South Brisbane store which is located at 82 Merivale Street. 

Introducing the new South Brisbane store:

How long has the South Brisbane store been opened for and when can people visit the store? ~ Oxlades at South Brisbane has been open for one year. Formerly Oxlades Art Essentials, located on the Queensland College of Art (QCA) campus, operated for almost 14 years. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm.

What makes Oxlades the go-to destination for art supplies? ~ Oxlades has specialised in quality art supplies for more than 120 years in Brisbane. Oxlades at South Brisbane also offers a wealth of experience and knowledge of materials. All of our staff are practicing artists and have Fine Art qualifications and teaching experience.

What's your favourite part of managing the store? ~ The constant engagement with students and professional artists, all day, as an artist myself, is fantastic! I continue to learn about new techniques and products.

What are some of your favourite stocked products and what's most popular? ~ I love paper, so I guess for me that's a favourite. But I can't go past the amazing range of paint and ink we have here. Students and designers seem to love pigment pens and comic pens, while watercolourists love the Daniel Smith paints; and they all love paper.

Who do you find are your regular clientele? ~ We have only been open for a year here, but new customers are starting to become regulars. Our biggest return customers are the QCA and TAFE students.

Do you welcome beginners to drop in for materials and project advice? ~ Absolutely! That's what we are all about. There may be times when it is very busy in the shop, so I would welcome an email ( with questions, quotes or product searches. I would encourage tutors/teachers to get in contact with us also, as we can then provide their students with the preferred items and materials for workshops and courses.

Has there been a key moment for you and your team since the store opened? ~ There have been many. We like to have fun, and we are also serious about good art practice and developing process. Just knowing you have guided someone or given them new hope, when they thought they were hopeless, is wonderful.

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