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Aesthetic Cultivation with Miss Marley

Aesthetic Cultivation with Miss Marley

Marley Myles (Miss Marley) is a multidisciplinary artist working with ink, acrylics, hand embroidery and screen printing in a highly contemporary, pop-surrealist aesthetic.

Do you have a favourite subject matter and what is it that draws you to this? ~ Matriarchal lineage, witches, wild women, emotional experience, identity, feminism and magic… to name a few. I am drawn to the rich symbolism and narrative that these themes conjure and inspire. My work is often a process of exploring my own identity/experience and the un-wilding that society pushes upon us.

Song of the sea. Hand stitched embroidery. Marley Myles 2018..jpg

What is your greatest weakness and strength as an artist? ~ Navigating creativity within a capitalist system can be challenging. Balancing the need to make a living from my art, whilst making it accessible. Reminding myself not to base my worth on my productivity, I believe this is especially important, as a creative person/artist for me to examine. My strengths include my persistence, commitment and having a sense of
humour about my work!

Dirty Wilson Cafe Mural. Marley Myles.jpg

Do you have anything you still want to learn or explore within your arts practice? ~ Absolutely! I feel like I am only just scratching at the surface! I have so many ideas for works I want to create and experiences to explore. I will always be learning, exploring and playing for the rest of my life. I think being curious and knowing it is never too late to start or try something new is essential to staying connected with your work and life in general. More specifically, I am excited to produce more large-scale paintings. I would love to paint murals and experiment with scale.

Marley Myles. Hand stitched embroidery..jpg

What inspires you? ~ Music, story-telling, symbolism, feminism, myths, magic, wild folk, my family, myself, nature. I am inspired by the liminal space of creativity, that in between place where the magic happens.

A poem of growth and decay. Marley Myles. 2018.jpg

What are your hopes for the future? ~ Personally – to keep growing and working as an artist. To create and
articulate work that I feel moved by and connected with and that others are too. To be courageous and live and love fully. More broadly – that we experience a shift from the current oppressive system of late stage capitalism and patriarchy to addressing climate change, social justice, with more support for the arts and equality.

Between sleep and awake. Hand stitched embroidry. Marley Myles 2018.jpg
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