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Sharon Hanson & The Celebration of Life

Sharon Hanson & The Celebration of Life

Sharon Hanson is originally from Sydney, but is now based in Karana Downs, Queensland. She is inspired by her beautiful surroundings and transforms her paintings by using bright, bold colours that have become part of her signature style. This was adopted after recovering from breast cancer in 2015, where Hanson decided to showcase the narrative of the “celebration of life” in her paintings and you can certainly feel this motive when viewing her work.

How do you describe the type of art you are creating and the motivator behind it? ~ My style of art doesn't fit neatly into any box! I am heavily influenced by Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt. Like Klimt, my paintings feature brilliant colours, including metallics which I often use to embellish the ornamental look of the backgrounds. Although I have been painting all my life, it wasn't until I was recovering from breast cancer surgery a few years ago that I developed this new signature style, in a celebration of life.


How do you personally relate and connect to your subject matter? ~ As many of my works are self portraits, ideas come from my feelings and personal experiences. I have just returned from Vietnam, and was inspired to paint "Hoi An - City of Lanterns". When someone commissions a painting, I will meet with my client who will give me a few photos to work from and we then discuss themes, colour palette - etc, so that I can gain a better understanding of the subject matter.

Hoi An City of Lanterns.jpg

Do you collect art and what was the last piece you bought for your home? ~ I have a couple of pieces that artist friends of mine have gifted to me. The last piece I purchased was a hand-coloured etching that I bought from Helen Norton when I visited her studio in Broome.

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Do you have any rituals or routines you follow when in the studio? ~ My partner despairs when I am painting, even though I have a nice little studio upstairs, I usually paint in our huge, sunlit living room! I'm quite free-flowing, and will paint day and night when I'm on a roll. If I have the ideas, I'll usually have two paintings on the go at the same time, so that while the paint dries on one, I can keep working on the other one.

What's your focus for this year? ~ To get noticed! I have been painting full-time for less than a year, so the focus for me now is to create a website to complement my Facebook page, and to enter more art competitions. I get so much joy from painting, and knowing that someone enjoys my work so much that they want it hanging in their home.

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