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Kat Hamilton's Raw Emotion on Canvas

Kat Hamilton's Raw Emotion on Canvas

Kat Hamilton is an Iranian/Australian artist who resides in Australia. She is also a Mumma to four little babies. She works with all types of media including mixed media, acrylic and oil paint. She uses some unusual material in her work to add texture and layers resulting in emotional states. Kat is self taught, driven and passionate! Her work is influenced by her children and life experiences, expressing raw emotion on canvas. Most of her work is based around beautiful, strong women with influences in the lowbrow/pop surreal as well as the fantasy genres. She finds Persian miniatures very fascinating hence a lot of her work has been inspired by the ancient miniature paintings originating from India, Egypt and Persia.

What does your art express? ~ Being an immigrant from Iran and having moved to Australia when I was nine, I have felt a deep disconnect from who I am and where I belong. I know I could never go back and live in my motherland because I am very strong willed and could not stand the suppression of women in Iran and would be imprisoned within minutes. I express a lot of this sadness and disconnect in my art through the female form and their posture. At times I feel that I cannot reveal my heritage because of the negative publicity Iran has received over the last few decades. It’s sad because it’s such a beautiful country and has the most beautiful people. Through my art I’d like to show the history and beauty of Iranian art coupled with contemporary and pop surreal figurative additions

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What prompted you to work towards an arts career? ~ I have always loved drawing since I was a little girl and when I had children and left my “normal” job as a technical software business analyst I realised my passion was in the arts and not in the IT industry. It just made me happy to the bone, and every minute my kids are asleep, I’m painting. I can’t see my life any other way now.

Is your art a means of communication or reflection? ~ A bit of both. I want to tell people my story, show people my passion and emotion and at the same time I want to broaden everyone’s views on the beautiful country I come from. Layering my works with different media is my favourite thing to do, I feel it reflects the human race, we have many layers, emotionally and physically and it’s all ever changing. I love exploring that and putting it into a physical artistic form.

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What are you currently working on? ~ I’m working on a few things. I will be entering the Brisbane Portrait Prize this year and attempting my largest artwork yet. My aim is to enter a few art prizes this year. I’m also working on pieces for two group shows with my art collective - Monarch Art Collective - which will be happening at tiny tree cafe in Coorparoo, Brisbane.


How have your life experiences influenced your aesthetic style? ~ The emotions that are portrayed in my works are definitely a reflection of my life experiences. Having a middle eastern background, In my younger years I was the target of constant bullying because of my name and the way I looked, this prompted my family to change our name and it definitely helped, I was ashamed of my heritage then. These days I’m proud of where I come from, my experiences and maturity now help me to see that if people are going to judge me for where I come from then those people don’t belong in my life and to be honest I haven’t encountered any bad experiences since my 20s. The rich history of Iran and the beautiful art that has been produced over the many centuries are a huge bulk of the ideas I have for my upcoming works.


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