A Pretty Handful

A Pretty Handful

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A3, 300gsm, Medium (Cold Press) Canson Watercolour paper, archival ink, watercolour and coloured pencils, markers, unframed.

Dashing around the corner of my childhood home, rocks in my sneakers and red dirt on my legs; a pretty handful of torn blooms ripped from my mother's beautiful garden and Tiger (my loveable feline) and I running towards the tree house so we can put the final touches in our new residence where we shall laugh as loud as we can, dream as big as we want and play house all weekend long.

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Chantel's illustrations and art have been featured in exhibitions in Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Toowoomba and have appeared in The Brisbane Collective street press (Brisbane), Limestone: Art Prose Poetry (UK), and Paper Cut Magazine (New York) as well as being an online featured artist at Long Island Arts, New York and Create Culture, Brooklyn, New York. She has been an online gallery finalist in the Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award for the last two years and is a regular for the Downlands College Art Show (Toowoomba) and Rotary Art Spectacular (Brisbane).