Following one’s creative impulses is rarely a walk in the park, so it’s a blessing to have a site like Paper Bou out there to help keep all us ‘dream-chasers’ inspired. I can’t count the times I’ve struggled through my own unproductive creative period, only to turn back to Paper Bou to read through a Q&A with one of the many featured artists, coming away moments later with a newfound sense of purpose. Site creator Chantel Schott (of course herself an amazing artist) has shown true dedication when it comes to seeking out and promoting emerging talents, and I, like many others, am endlessly grateful for her tireless efforts ~
Ben Mengel, founder of Creative Spectator, Melbourne VIC 3065


As a young girl, I would have my stereo playing the latest tunes in my room, I would have incense smouldering away and bees wax candles burning. This would be the time I would draw in my visual diary for hours. Today, the scenario hasn't changed much, other than having my own studio space. Creativity has never left me, at times I didn't know what to do with it but I have always listened as it has never failed me. Chantel has guided, included and encouraged me to evolve as an artist over the five years I have known her.

Her passion for the arts is infectious and I am grateful to be apart of her journey, exposing emerging artist's to a broader audience.

Hayley Groves George, Fraser Coast Artist, Maryborough/Hervey Bay, QLD 4655

Anitquated Notion 2016 (82).JPG

I have known Chantel for 15 years as a friend, arts collaborator and work colleague, we have exhibited together on numerous occasions and her attention to detail and professionalism when facilitating group exhibitions and events cannot be faulted. I love her delicate freestyle artwork and her quirky little tales that accompany them. Her passion and enthusiasm in 'her' art world is admirable and I look forward to collaborating with Chantel again in the future ~ Rochelle Blakelock, Brisbane QLD 4012

Chantel Schott's unique artworks and designs adorn my home, bringing in an atmosphere of contemporary vogue. Ranging from ink on timber to mixed media collage, her works are always a conversation starter with friends. I will continue to follow her artistic journey and its evolving nature ~ Trina Bennett, Toowoomba QLD 4350


Chantel’s work draws upon a myriad of mythical and mythology inspiration which is translated into vibrant emotive reflections of our fantasies. Chantel’s art is truly unique ~ Lindsay Mengel, Aspire
Gallery, Brisbane QLD 4064


I asked Chantel to design a new logo for my business; we’ve worked together in the past, and I've always found her communication skills, quality of work and professionalism excellent. After a couple of initial designs and a wonderful inspiration sheet she helped me articulate what I like, and then she was able to create a design that reflected the feel and look I was seeking. I am again delighted by her attitude, communication, quality and willingness to work with me to find a design I just love! Thanks again Chantel! ~ Amber Manteufel, Your Inner Artist, Highfields QLD 4350

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